Monday, September 24, 2007

Planes and the Bows of the Rains :)

Wow. What a week that was. Between wrapping up the old job and getting ready to move, it really hasn't stopped for a second!

The good news is I'm all ready to go and as soon as the FedEx truck shows up with my check (Dang them for not holding it at the center!), I'm off to Montreal. My brother drove here on Saturday and went back home yesterday with most of my stuff, so I'm only a check, a tank of gas, and a few Tim Hortons coffees away from Montreal at this point.

What better thing to do while waiting for my check than to update my blog?

Well, let's see. I finally managed to get up on the roof at work with my camera last week. I didn't have my tripod, and only managed to get up there for about a half-hour, but it was still enough time to get a few decent photos and some video.

Here's a slideshow of the better of the pictures (lots more, but these came out the best).

I also took three seperate videos:

Let's see, I also managed to score evidence that MACs do indeed bluescreen.

The only significant difference I can see if the screen goes transparent rather than blue (Ooooo), and that a MAC apparently bluescreens in four languages. I also found it funny that it is called "Kernel Panic". At least my PC never panics when it runs into a problem, it just calmly freezes and needs a restart. Then again, I haven't restarted my PC in three months as I write this...

I also had to get my own cell phone plan for the first time in 5 years. It was quite easy, and they threw in a new phone which is now oficially my backup phone. Nothing too fancy, just your run-of-the mill RAZR V3T. It only took me about 15 minutes once I got it home to hack it, unlock it and start the process of making it my own. Here's the progress thus far...

Main screen. Skinned it to a "Windows Vista" menu scheme and added my own wallpaper:

Outside LCD with phone closed. Added the image :)

Outside LCD with phone open (I couldn't help it) :

These pictures really don't do it justice, but on the before-last day at my job, I went outside to be greeted by a full rainbow right out front of the building. There was the beginning of a second rainbow on the left-hand side, and from the angle I was at, it almost looked like the rainbow ended at the building I've worked in for the last year. Hrmph, all that time and I never spotted a pot of gold!


Single Rainbow but brighter:

Into the building (that's my old work):

Well, that's about it for now. Getting ready for the drive to Montreal as soon as FedEx gets here to drop off one last package delivered to this address. I'll surely be updating this a lot more often this week, and of course next week as I start off my Vancouver adventuring! I'm told that we're going hang-gliding my second weekend in BC, I can't wait!


NEO said...

Have fun driving. So no big truck to drive across country? Ah the joys of being single. Have fun.

MadCarlotta said...

I love the rainbow pictures. :)

and the phone. I can't wait to get a cell phone now. I used to swear I'd never ever own one. How things change.

Mouse said...

The rainbow photos are lovely. I've got a couple of good ones I took here - I'll try to find them and post them on my blog.

Nettie said...

Nice photos babe!
Wow, you're so nifty with stuff! I never even knew you could hack into a phone to do crap like that. The only thing round here that got hacked into was our dvd player to make it multi-region...

Perhaps I shall drop some hints at Christian?

Tah said...

Congrats on finishing the job.

Great pictures and great videos.

Enjoy your week of freedom before the move. I look forward to all the updates.

Smerk said...

Wow. Those plane photos were excellent! I love the way you put the slide show together for them. :)